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Show Notes:

"This too shall pass," and we will be over this pandemic soon (I hope).  Covid has shown us that the people we interact with at work are meaningful and the relationships developed outside of home are worth nurturing. Over that years, I have had many employees and some of those I call good friends.  Adam Fullerton is one of those friends who worked for me and affected our team in positive ways.  I watched as Adam easily picked up the skills required in building restoration as he would have in his previous job in England as a vintage car restorer.  Working on those cars gave him the metal skills that might be the equivalent to what a finish carpenter has.  His association with metal and his expectations he set early on in his career laid the foundation for his work ethic that has gifted Adam Fullerton with the exceptional work he produces today..  
Adam and I touched on many things during this episode and I think you will enjoy what he has to say.  So with that, Art of Craft Listeners, I give you my conversation with Adam Fullerton.