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Show Notes:

A little bit about Eve and here work… Eve has been working in the industry since 1978 and has owned her business for 36 years. She is an Accredited Conservator Restorer, and holds an MA in conservation of Heritage Landscapes and Gardens from the Architectural Associate in London, England.  She has managed a long list of high profile projects with the team at EGD Glass, and is respected as an expert in the field.  Among the buildings she has work on are the Library of Parliament, Osgood Hall, and St. Michael’s Cathedral amongst dozens more.  Eve has the unique vantage point as she is seen as a consultant as well as a technician and helps document, design and implement the labour intensive work.  I see her and her small team as artists in the way they approach their work with careful hands and a sensitivity to the history they conserve.  
If you love live music and live in Canada, you will likely be familiar with Massey Hall.  It is the venue for an intimate show here in Toronto, and is currently closed.  No not covid.  Its getting completely restored and in that process there are over 100 windows that Eve’s team along with another firm, Vitreous Glassworks, are restoring.  The entire process can be seen on a recent CBC mini doc that brings you into her studio.  I will post that in the show-notes on  
With that I give you my conversation with Eve Guinan.