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Show Notes:

Jim Patterson from Somerset, England has been making paper for over 50 years. What’s more impressive is Jim has no intention of slowing down. During the conversation you will hear the old pitt mill creak and moan as it churns power through a set of gears that date back 400 years.

Two Rivers Paper Co., has been producing paper since 1988 and used by artists all over the world. This type of handmade paper dates back to 500 years before Christ, and it was only in the 1800’s that paper was mass produced by machine.

Jim and his team are not stalwarts for tradition either. They have adapted their techniques and recipes to improve their quality and process, while not sacrificing anything along the way. Two Rivers Paper Co is a small, yet mighty team that clearly has pressed out a thin niche within this unique craft of custom paper making.

Before you give this episode a listen, try to imagine a 400 year-old stone mill situated within a rural setting. This may help you with the sound in the background and the limited bandwidth available in this area. We sorted it all out and it was a pleasure to have Jim on the show.