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Show Notes:

Metal spinning is considered to be one of the oldest methods of forming sheet metal. This craft has its roots in ancient China where huge bells were made and other functional objects like cups and bowls. Today, it is associated with custom or difficult pieces and an economic alternative to the mass production version that is metal stamping. Automation and AI or high-volume technology will not make its way into this craft either. The metal spinning process is too difficult to replicate.

Every spinner spins differently and the product varies slightly according to each spinner’s experience and ability. In metal spinning, the forming process is accomplished by the use of a spinning lathe. The spinner skillfully forms a flat piece of metal called a blank over a mold to create the shape you want, much like a master potter at a wheel.

On this episode I had the opportunity to speak to
Keith and Katie Morse from American Metal Spinning, who have taken over the family business from their father who started it in the 1980’s. Metal spinning is a valuable skill that takes years to develop. It’s also why we need to celebrate family businesses like this and support the craft and trades industry by thinking locally before buying globally. So before you give this episode a chance, take a moment to see the visual appeal of spinning on one of the links below.
Check out the video's below: