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Show Notes:

Miranda Fabricius is a mother of 3 girls under six and is incredibly busy as she juggles her time as mom and heritage restorer.  I get the impression from speaking with her she is able to handle this and functions well under stress.   Miranda’s version of creativity and the art that she creates is held within Crestview, a beautiful Queen Anne Revival home in Belleville, ON.  The house sat empty for a while and began to fall into the harmful effects that neglect plays on the house not lived in.  These old homes have names and souls.  Over a century of family memories and moments shared are often disrupted when an unscrupulous income property owner decides its time to shake it up with awkward openings, walls and mailboxes.  This doesn’t sit well with Miranda and her vision of old Belleville and the roots that her family has set over the years.  She feels it’s a responsibility to preserve and protect these gems  for future generations and, in turn, positively affect those living within her neighbourhood.  Their
 are many people like Miranda out there thinking of buying up a beautiful old home to restore and put back on the market.  However, this is not house flipping, Crestview and many others like it require delicate hands and an approach that is grounded in sensitivity and care.  
Thanks Miranda!!

You can find her work on instagram -
@easthill_revival and you can read her take on Belleville and this beautiful neighbourhood here:

Hope you enjoy this episode...