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Hello I'm Barkley Hunt…
I am a business owner, heritage mason, occasional carpenter, and best known for commercial and residential restoration here in Toronto, Canada. After discovering dry-stone walling two decades ago, I found Algonquin College in Perth, Ontario. I enrolled in the heritage masonry program and have taken conservation courses at Ryerson University over the years. Fast forward to today, and I am now able to manage and restore/conserve complicated historic buildings. These skills were not acquired over night. It's taken a lot of hard work and focus to stay connected and continually learn from those raising the bar in the industry I love. I started this podcast as a way of reaching out to those who are passionate about the work they create and to inspire younger generations to take up a traditional craft, trade or art. The Art of Craft was born out of this need to highlight those who would normally not have a voice. This show will be available every Wednesday with varied guests and great content.
That's my commitment… yours? Just listen, subscribe and enjoy!

If you have a suggestion for a solo show or guest you would like to hear, fill out the contact page or send me an email at

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Quinn and I at the skatepark … my weekends are spent with my boys having fun.

Hunt Heritage

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