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Show Notes:

Its March 9th, 2021 and It's been just over a year now where this lockdown has forced many to be sidelined from the job they love. Pivoting for some has come easy, but for others who rely on a packed concert venue or live theatre, it’s been well bad, really bad. And it’s not just the performers and artists, it has had a ripple affect on all the support staff behind the scenes and upfront as well.

Resolving the future of live venues in this new reality where rubbing knees with a stranger in a historic theatre with cozy seating seems still far off. Arts and Culture make any community come alive. And in the summer a spontaneous dinner before a surprise concert, has to be the best night out. We miss you restaurants, theatre and concert staff and Toronto’s Historic Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre is no exception.

Robin Johnston has worked at this theatre as Head of Sound for 5 years and has put in his time as a stagehand for 20. He deeply misses his job, his second family, and this magical interior that transforms his tasks from ordinary to amazing. I enjoyed speaking to Robin about his craft and his passion for this historic theatre.